Namboodiris were great scholars in Sanskrit and the Vedas. But they were a big zero as far as modern education was concerned. Years back, Namboodiri girls and even boys were not allowed to join any public school. The Namboodiri Yogashema Sabha, eastablished in the year 1908 wanted to find a solution to this problem. As a first step, it decided to open a special school for Namboodiri boys at Vadakkiniyedath Mana, Edakkunni, Ollur. Thus was born the Namboodiri Vidyalayam in 1919.

The School functioned at Edakkunni only for three years. It was shifted to the “Oottupura’ attached to the Bhakthapriya temple near the Vaddakkechira, Thrissur. The Oottupura functioned as hostel also. The school had its own property and buildings only in 1928, when it was shifted to Kottapuram, Thrissur near the railway gate.

Then progress was very quick. Initially only Namboodiri boys were given admission. In 1931, the school became a ‘mixed school’, girls also gained admission. ‘Namboodiri Vidyarthini Sadanam’, where the present Co-operative Hospital stands, served as a hostel for girls. Rigvedic Namboodiri boys (only Thrissur othans) could get free food and lodging at Brahmaswom Madhom, Thrissur. Other boys had to make their own arrangements for lodging.

In 1949 the Vidyalayam became a public school in which any one, without any distinction of creed , caste, gender or religion could gain admission.

In the early days the school was not in receipt of any governmental aid. It was supported and maintained by Chittoor Narayanan Namboodiripad (also known as Aaraam Thampuran), Kurur Unni Namboodiripad and others. After the demise of these stalwarts, the mantle fell mainly on Chittoor Kunhan Namboodiripad and A.K.T. K.M. Vasudevan Namboodiripad.

On 20.03.1961, the Namboodiri Yogashema Vidyabhyasa Trust was formed, which was entrusted with the management of the Namboodiri Vidyalayam. Chittoor Kunhan Namboodiripad and A.K.T.K.M Vasudevan Namboodiripad were its first President and Secretary respectively.

After the demise of Kunhan Namboodiripad on 05.06.1984, O.M.C. Narayanan Namboodiripad, then President of Bramaswom Madhom and famous as the translator of the Rigveda, became the President of the Trust. On his demise on 04.04.1989, P.M.C. Narayanan Namboodiripad became President till his demise on 09.11.1996. He was followed by Moothiringode Chitrabhanu (M.C.) Namboodiripad, the Science writer and Managing Director of the famous medical institution of Thrissur, the Polyclinic. He took over the presidentship of the Trust on 27.11.1996 and continues to discharge his duties. He is a founder member of the Trust and has functioned as member continuously for more than half a century.

A.K.T.K.M Vasudevan Namboodiripad, Kurur Sankaran Namboodiripad and P.M.C. Narayanan Namburidipad had served as secretaries with distinction. The present secretary, Adv. C.K. Narayanan Namboodiripad, son of Chitoor Kunhan Namboodiripad took over on 03.04.1988. He continues to serve also as Manager of the Vidyalayam

Now, going back to the days, when the school functioned from the Ottupara of Bhakthapriya Temple. The Vidyalayam had two sections: the school and the ‘Padhasala’. In 1922, the School section was raised to the level of a High School. The Padhasala was concerned with the training of students from the Siromani Examination of the Madras University. Students appeared for the SSLC examination in 1922-23 and for the Siromani examination in 1923. Unfortunately for reasons unknown, both the courses were discontinued from 1923 onwords. All later attempts to raise the Vidyalayam to the level of a High School failed, mainly because it did not have enough land In its possession.

In short, the school remains as a U.P School even today. There was a time when the school had 28 divisions, with a strength of above 1500 students.

Due to this situation, the buildings on the eastern side of the campus remained unoccupied. In order to utilize it for a worth-while educational purpose, a Parallel College, named ‘Thrivikrama College’ was started on 9.6.1985, in memory of late Chittoor Kunhan Namboodiripad, ( the real name of Kunhan Namboodiripad was Thrivikraman). The College functioned for 12 years under the able guidance of the principal E.K. Narayanan Potti and subsequently Prof. K. Krishna Menon. The College was however closed in 1997 for reasons beyond the management’s control.

But the buildings did not remain idle for long. It was taken over by the Thrissur centre of Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit on rent. Several rank holders have come out of the Thrissur Centre. P.G. Courses in Sanskrit (Sahithya and Nyaya), Malayalam and Hindi are the main Courses offered.


The corpus of the Namboodiri Yogashema Vidyabhyasa Trust was the fund generated by the Lottery and Yachanayatra, both conducted by the Namboodiri Yogakhema Sabha under the leadership of Chittoor Kunhan Namboodiripad. Several philanthropic individuals have donated funds and created endowments. Interest from these endowments and the rent received from the Sanskrit University are pooled to give Scholarships from 1976-77 onwards to poor college - going students of the Namboodiri Community hailing from Thiruvananthapuram to Kasargode on merit-cum-means basis. Approximately one Lakh of rupees is given away as scholarships every year. It serves as a great incentive and is welcomed by one and all. This is indeed the Trust’s flag-ship project.

Founders of Namboodiri Vidyalayam

Nambodiri Vidyalayam was founded by Namboodiri Yogakshema Sabha in 1919. Goal of this Vidyalayam is to give modern education to Namboodiri girls and boys. In the early days it was supported and maintained by Chittoor Narayanan Namboodiripad (also known as Aaraam Thampuran), Kurur Unni Namboodiripad and other famous scholars.